Kleenex and canned soup

I've got a massive sinus headache.

Sore throat, with tickly sensation that forces me

to cough violently every 3 minutes.

I'm living on hot tea, kleenex and canned chicken rice soup.

I'm the healer in the family.

I'm the one tucking in the sick ones, making them soup and bringing them


I was running a temp of 103.5 when my husband arrived home from work.

He was tired, just wanted to change his clothes, eat dinner and relax.

Except there was me. Shivering under blankets in my pj's and bathrobe

on the couch. He's not a nurturer. He's a fixer. He wanted to just

hand me a glass of water and some pills and spray disinfectant on the couch

so he wouldn't get my germs.

My comfort food when I am sick is either Lipton's little chicken noodle soup

or Campbell's chicken and rice. Lot's of sprite, ice water and hot tea.

It's looking like I'm headed for my 4th lung infection since November.

I'm already on one inhaler. I don't smoke.

It appears as though I will be taking another round of antibiotics.

This crap always drops into my chest, the sinus pressure will go away

and I'll be left with oddly spiking fevers and a serious chest cold that won't

go away.

I'm frustrated, tired, my nose is red and sore.

And I'm really whiny.



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