Reality check

I know this has nothing whatsoever to do with soup but I can't keep silent.

The murderer of the four slain police officers is not a hero.

His DNA has been matched to the rape of a 12 yr old.

Many ignorant citizens of Oakland disagree and believe that Mixon is a hero.

Mixon was a thug on parole who should have never been let out of jail.

He is not a hero.

I have some words of advice for the supporters of

Mixon and those like him. The next time the rival gang does a drive by in your

neighborhood, don't call 911. When your house is robbed, don't call 911. You

blame the officers who have sworn to give their lives to protect you.

Don't call them. I mean it. Don't dial 911 ever again. You spit on the graves of

heroes, whose fellow officers would still come to your rescue if you called them.

They would not think twice about risking their own safety to help you.

Help that you don't deserve or respect. You have no honor.

My heart aches for the families of the officers.

I hope they find some comfort in knowing that every officer across this nation

and their families are praying for them.

They will forever be remembered and honored as heroes.

If I had to wear their shoes...... I can't try them on. It's too painful.

What could possibly comfort a mother, wife or children who just lost

their beloved son, husband and dad.

It's personal to me.

Having to hug your loved one goodbye in the morning, knowing that today could be THE

last day. You push the thoughts aside, go about your everyday routine.

Until it happens.

Not to you, but it happens to another family.

Reality slaps you in the face and makes you sit up and take notice.

So for all you supporters of cop killers and child rapists,

all you thugs hiding behind signs,

the next time you need help, don't call 911.

You disgust me and I am sickened by

the fact that I have to share the same planet with you.



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