Yes, you heard correctly.

Come to Oakdale and have a ball.

Not a bouncy ball.

Not a basketball or football.

Not the kind that you get dressed up for and dance the night away.

It's the 28th annual Oakdale Testicle Festival.

It's apparently $50 a plate.

It's a fundraiser for the rotary club.

How many cow balls are they frying up you ask?

400 pounds of cow nuts.

I can promise you that we won't be attending the festivities.

Apparently, cow balls are so great tasting that folks just mosy on into town

from all over.

I don't want to even try to think what cow balls soup would taste like.



Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Oh my...I've seen Andrew Zimmern eat those on Bizarre Foods (and Tony Bourdain, too, on his show), but I don't think I could ever eat it myself.


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