Home from the cruise........ and don't miss this Sunday's Soup recipe!

I just got home tonight from our trip on the KLOVE cruise.

Mandisa was the highlight of the whole trip.

Her performance and vocal talent are more amazing in person than my words

can give her credit for. She actually made me cry my makeup off.

I had to go reapply it before we headed to the next concert.

The cruise had so many great pieces to it. I can't share them all tonight.

I will most likely have a blog post here in the next day or so with some pictures.

This Sunday February 1st, will feature two amazing recipes.......

Chilled Mango Soup-perfect starter for a light lunch paired with a healthy salad and a cup of your favorite tea. Warning about the soup. It won't disappoint, it's amazing. My new spring favorite.

Chicken Tortilla Soup- Great family friendly recipe that let's the diner choose what ingredients to throw into their bowl. Tons of fun for picky kids and/or husbands.

Don't forget................ I am announcing the winner of the apron contest February 1st, so get your entries in ASAP if you haven't already! Trust me, these aprons are adorable!


Anonymous said...

Chilled Mango Soup sounds incredible, but I'll have to hold off on it...we have 14 inches of snow, and I want HOT soup! LOL!


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