Vacation, Inauguration and no blog posts for a week.......

I'll be absent from the blog until the 28th.

I tried to figure out how to blog from the cruise ship,

but it is too expensive and I really am not sure

how much downtime I'm going to have.

I've never been to Miami and it's our first time on a cruise.

I will not be able to post a soup recipe on the 26th, but please check back

because I will be posting 2 recipes on February 1st.

That is also the day I will announce the winner of the apron,

and let me just say that I received it in the mail and it's adorable,

don't miss out on an opportunity to win one free.

If your not the lucky winner, I promise you they are worth every penny.

I don't have anything personally invested in promoting the aprons.

I can only tell you from having one of my very own that they

are well made and more adorable in person than the pictures online.

I am uploading a picture of the one I now own.

Tell your friends about the giveaway and of course about the recipes!

I love when I get comments from readers who have tried my recipes.

I just want to say one quick tidbit about our new President.

I was in tears as he gave his first speech.

I felt proud to be an American.

Proud of my President.

It was fitting that he take his oath on Abraham Lincoln's bible.

It made the moment even more meaningful.

I'll throw in here at the end that I am still a registered republican.

I voted for President Obama.

Regardless of party, we are all Americans first.

Today we let our true spirit show to the world

that we are strong, determined and value freedom.

I am grateful to President Bush for his service to our country.

Grateful to his family for the sacrifices they too made for our country.

He is fallible, he made errors and there were successes,

but regardless of where we agreed or disagreed,

he stood by his convictions. It's what we ask of each President who takes office.

Today, I'm just a proud American.

See ya on the 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica Gottlieb said...

Have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh a cruise...sounds wonderful! Enjoy yourself!


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