Chili with some boring mixed in.

Stop by tomorrow.

I'm busy testing chili recipes.

I hate how boring and random my blog is.

I take it personally.

It doesn't reflect my personality.

I am a conservative, yet liberal.

Opinionated always, sometimes obnoxiously.

I am a christian AND I support the fight against prop 8.

I believe we should all spay and neuter our pets.

I am not pro choice on abortion.

I am grateful I grew up dirt poor.

I am grateful I am not dirt poor anymore.

I need a new layout for this place.

I have tons to say.

You should hear my opinion on the whole Oprah/Palin thing.

I'm tired of Oprah. I don't tivo her anymore.

I am sitting her typing this when I should be downstairs cooking.

OK, I'm going..........



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