creative procrastination

The chili was average.

Nothing exciting.

I am too lazy to post a picture or give you the recipe tonight.

Behind me lies a mound of crap that has been sitting for over 2 weeks.

It has to be sorted through and either thrown out or put where it belongs.

I avoid this area so I don't have to make up stupid excuses why I'm

on the computer and not cleaning up the crap behind me.

I did manage to take my obese dog for a walk( yes obese dog, story for another day)

grocery shop and go to a hair appointment

and made enough excuses that it actually sounded like I was too busy to

sort through the crap.

I'll be up late tonight thinking up more excuses why it's not done tomorrow.


Mindi said...

Hey! I'm glad you visited my blog today! I had lost track of you, I was thinking "soup something"... Soup Nazi?, nah, Soup Lady, nah... I was stuck. I'll bookmark you again! Don't leave me. LOL! Ah the family drama. I asked my brother if he could get me a laptop. First mistake. Then I got sick, the dog got sick and had to have surgery, blah, blah, blah... He didn't get paid as fast as he thinks he should have... Even though when I tried to call him and e-mail him to make arrangements I found he had blocked my e-mail and phone number. Actually we were fine, he told me not to worry about it, he didn't buy it because he had to, he bought it because he wanted to... Blah, blah, blah. Then prop 8 happened (he's gay and lives in San Diego)... Well the crap hit the fan. He's not LDS and I'm part of a religion that's trying to destroy his life. So he decided he wanted his money "right now" and quite frankly, I don't have it right now. Oh, to be an only child! Did I really agree to come here and go through this? I often wonder what I was thinking. Or there must be something SPECTACULAR in my future! ;-)

I want to hear about your chili, mine is very blah - so I'll be checking back. Thanks again for checking in!


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