Seems like Obama is the guy to take on McCain.

I have mixed feelings about it.

I am relieved that Hillary won't be our next President.

I have many reasons why I dislike her,

getting into them all I will save for another post.

I am a republican. I'm supposed to vote party lines.

But I have reservations about McCain also.

Yes, he's a war hero, served our country proudly,

I believe he is a man of integrity.

I also believe he carries scars from his time as a POW.

Who wouldn't have some scars from that?

I fear he will be too soft on the current detainees at Guantanamo

I believe that we need a President who will make the difficult choices,

not based on personal baggage, but on the real threat that we are facing.

We are at war with an enemy that is a chameleon.

They blend into our society, study our weaknesses, use them against us

and have the patience to wait years to strike.

We need a President who understands the threat, it's real

and we cannot win without REAL leadership.

Does Obama have the balls to stand up to the terrorists? Maybe.

I know that Bill Clinton made his decisions on whatever he thought would

raise his public opinion poll numbers.

We can't afford another Clinton in office.

We can't afford another Bush either.

I'm still on the fence.

Both are men of integrity, strong morals, clear vision for the future of our country.

The elephant in the room.

Is America ready for an African American President?

I have no reservations about Obama's race.

He speaks with an eloquence and conviction that reminds me

of the way Ronald Reagan could inspire the country to

believe in itself. The shining city on the hill................

I will stand up and support either candidate that wins.

Regardless of party.

There are some screwed up people in this country that I believe

will not want an African American to be the President,

I fear for Obama's safety.

This country needs strong leadership and a President who

can unite the people and the congress.

What do you think?

Who did you want to run?



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