My computer hard drive had a heart attack today. So far I've lost $40 worth of Itunes purchases I was too lazy to sync to my ipod. I guess in a few days customer service will help me figure it out. Until then, no Leona Lewis for me.
I was able to regain my passwords, email, blog etc. That only took 4 hours. My recipe files are gone, document folder, pictures, all my work on my website update. Hours of work, years of recipe creating and collecting just gone. Hubby is going to try to retrieve it at work, but he said it may be lost forever. It was just too far gone. I can't say I'm diligent about backing stuff up. I am married to a computer forensic detective. I completely take it for granted that he is able to fix most anything. Until now.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. He forgot to get me a card, so he says. He "forgets" just to enjoy watching me have a pity party. He's never forgotten, and he always does something sweet and wonderful. He also told me he canceled our cruise in January, just to see if I really cared. He likes to say crap that gets me agitated and then tells me later he was just kidding. You think I'd catch on by now. He used to tell me how he thought Scott Peterson was innocent and that would really set me off on a rant. He could get a rise out of me every single time. I eventually found out by accident that he never thought Peterson was innocent, he knew the detectives who worked the case and it was airtight. He just liked to watch me flip out. Apparently, when I get pissed off enough, it's humorous to watch.


Fashion Paramedic said...

You know, this has happened to me before. And do you think I went out and got an external hard drive to back up all my new stuff?


PS: If my husband ever did the stuff yours likes to do to you his 'nads would be perpetually swollen. It's sooo easy to get a rise out of me. The LOML is my counterweight for all things that drive me crazy...even if HE's the one that drives me crazy. Go figure.


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