Thanks ITUNES!

Well, it didn't even take a few days. In less than 24 hours, ITunes responded to my cry for help and let me download my music I had lost for free. I read their policy late last night, and they are very clear that if you don't backup your purchases, say goodbye to them. After reading that I was expecting a form letter sympathetic to my plight, but firm that I was the idiot who didn't backup my purchases. But that's far from what happened. I received a personally written email with detailed instructions on how to restore my purchases. Thanks ITunes! And a REALLY BIG thanks to Maria, the customer service rep who replied to my email. You made my day!!!


Fashion Paramedic said...

I've never had to call iTunes customer support. I'm glad to hear they can be nice if they want!!

raph said...

Yes me too, so grateful to them, they replied in less than 24hours in France too, and let me download for free what I had lost. So cool ! I was very scared to have spend all this money for nothing at the end ! lol


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