Bodie Ghost picture?

Humor me. Look into the window of this church and tell me if you see anyone standing there watching me take the picture. Am I delusional? Crazy? Do you see the girl with the blonde hair? This photo has bothered me for 3 years. I posted a comment at the Bodie website and hope that someone who knows will be able to tell me if I am crazy or they see the girl in the window too. Maybe it's just a reflection of of something, but her head looks proportional to my daughter's. I find it hard to believe that it is a ghost, but if it is a reflection, how can that be if the sun is to my back and the window has a shadow cast over it? To me the girl in the window looks 3 dimensional. Let me know what you see.

For those who are unfamiliar with Bodie, it's a gold mining ghost town in California.


Fashion Paramedic said...

OMG! I love analyzing photos like this!! I've got one to share too, but I haven't posted it yet. My niece is having a hard time with her face being on my blog--but it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with my son's picture in the background.

I think the shadow is coming from the roof of the overhang to the right of the window.

PS: Thanks for the nice words about my new template!! I've tweaked the blog a bit since then, and I think I'm happy now!!


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