I didn't realize it has been almost a month since my last post!!!!

It's on every website and tv station.

California overturns gay marriage ban.

My teenager wanted to discuss it over dinner.

The following isn't a word for word account of our conversation,

but it is the core of what we discussed:

I explained to my daughter that we are all equal.

As a powerless bystander

I watched a loving lesbian relationship destroyed.

One partner devoured by cancer,

her family(parents/children) did not recognize their relationship.

The family denied contact between them

she was too weak to fight it.

She died not saying goodbye to the love of her life.

It was disgusting and heartless how they were treated.

I explained to my daughter that it wasn't that long ago

that she would not be allowed to own property

or be allowed to vote because she was born a woman.

Her dream of being a scientist, would have remained a dream.

That colleges were for men back then.

That there was a time when we enslaved an entire race of people

because of their skin color.

That the Nazi's tried to annihilate an entire race of people

that they deemed to be inferior.

Hatred, bigotry, ignorance.

If not for the women who demanded our right to vote,

would Hillary have ever been afforded the privilege of running for office?

Would a woman be the Speaker of the House or Secretary of State?

If not for the civil war would slavery have ended?

If Hitler had not been stopped, what would the world look like now?

It matters what messages we send our children.

No one deserves to be treated as a second class citizen.

I don't care what excuse is given.

Don't throw the bible verses at me.

I'm a Christian and I have read them.


I am sick and tired of "Christians" spewing hatred

towards the gay and lesbians of our nation.

God calls us to love.

It's that simple.




At the end of our conversation

my daughter was in complete agreement

and told me she is going to join the gay/straight alliance

at her high school.

I love being her mom.


jimmycity said...

I thank you dearly for this post.

Fashion Paramedic said...

I don't know if you meant this to happen, but the last 8 sentences of that post make an arrow pointing up to the sentence "God is Love."

How awesome is that!

SoupDiva said...

No thanks necessary Jimmy. It is how I feel.

Fashion- I took a glance, and you are correct. It was completely unplanned that it created an arrow. But wouldn't it be fun to pretend I was that talented of a "writer" to do it on purpose? LOL


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