When you are sad, plant tomatoes

My Mother in Law's facing the cold realities of cancer.

Her Father has colon, prostate and bone cancer.

He came to see her in December

while her husband was still missing at sea.

Her father is also mentally ill and was a hermit for 15 yrs

until that day.

In that moment her Father let go of his illness

to comfort his daughter.

It is a day she and my hubby will cherish forever.

But the cancer is spreading throughout his entire body.

He is not conscious and his breathing is labored.

Hospice is with him and he is resting.

Angels sent directly from heaven

are caring for his every need.

His days left are very few.

My Mother in Law is too emotionally fragile

She can't go and watch him die.

She is still marking the calendar.

April 4th was the 4 month anniversary

of the day she lost her husband.

Too much loss too soon.

Her last conversation with her Dad,

loving, full of some laughter through the tears.

Saying Goodbye Daddy, I love you

knowing it was for the last time.

I can see the anguish in her face.

She has been hiding in her apartment all day.

She didn't attend church with us this morning.

Hubby and I offer her sunshine and hugs.

She helps us plant all our tomato plants.

She forgot about her grief for a few minutes.

Refocused on a tiny little plant

with so much potential.



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