Mother/Daughter moments.............

When my daughter was 3 she hid inside a circular clothing rack.

I got so freaked out I couldn't find her.

As I panicked, she was quietly giggling.

To her it was a game.

I was looking for a really scary creepy guy running off with my daughter.

The store clerk helped me find her.

She was in the clothing rack that was wiggling, just a little.

If you're not a parent it's hard to describe that kind of panic.

Fast forward 13 years..............

Tonight we are watching My Name is Earl together.

We laughed at all the same spots.

Earl's Mom got stoned by accident and cut all her hair off.

Then she started eating it.

Randy found out why they call it a six pack.

We found out what kind of dish soap Joy uses too.

Also found out a duffel bag full of pot goes for around 2 grand.

I only have a little over a year left with her,

before she leaves for college.

It felt great to relax and just enjoy her company.

She has her SAT test next weekend.

She is almost an adult and that scares the hell out of me.

This time next year will be High School prom and graduation.

It doesn't seem like that long ago I was graduating

Class of 1988.

Every time I think about her moving away to college

I get emotional. Happy for her, sad that my baby is growing up.

I raised her to be so independent.

What if...........

she never needs me anymore....

What if............

she stops coming home in the summertime and /or holidays.......

What if..............

I could write pages of what ifs....

I feel the dynamic in our relationship shifting.

At times I am still the nagging mom, her the complaining teen.

And all seems right with the world.

Then other times it gets weird.

We seem like friends just hanging out.

I'm not uncool and boring for a few moments in her eyes.

I hope as our relationship grows into a different phase

that we are able to adapt easily.

She is going to be the most amazing genetic scientist.

At least the smartest and most beautiful.

A nerdy science boy's dream girl.

She is opinionated, fiercely independent and extremely smart.

The fastrack program for her PHD is 7 years.

She refuses to accept failure to get into the program.

I never had her passion and dedication at her age.

I am amazed by her ability to recite the chemical structure of

random household products.

She actually memorized the periodic table.

Her Chemistry teacher doubted her. But I didn't.

Her chemistry STAR test today was easy for her.

She is convinced she'll get a 100% on it,

just like English. She aces it every year too.

Part of me wishes she was still a little girl,

the other part is dying to see what she does

with her talent and passion.

There's another chapter of her life to be written and I can't

wait to see it.

I'll keep you posted.


queenjanine said...

OMG! Lilly my 15 y.o. did the exact same thing at Nordstrom when she was 3! I was about to call security when a MAN had her. He had found her hiding. I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it!


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