Light at the end of a 3 month long tunnel

Today I was able to partially bear weight on my left leg. I have been so driven to keep my leg muscles strong over the past 3 months and the hard work has paid off. I have really stayed committed to daily physical therapy, and now can use the exercise bike at the pt office. I pretend I'm racing my daughter and go sa fast as I can for as long as I can. Today was 12 minutes, last week was only 7. But understand, I wasn't leisurely peddling and sipping a glass of wine, I was moving as fast as my legs would go without stopping. It felt great to take deep breaths, feel my heartbeat and I began to sweat. If you aren't breaking a sweat during your workout, you might as well not waste your time. I can put 50 % of my body weight on my recovering leg, and the biggest news for me today!!!!!!!!! I drove myself to my appointment. I know, I was ecstatic. The first time I've driven since February 25th. Amazing. I felt normal again. Tomorrow, I am going to attempt a partial house cleaning. It's making me crazy that the dust is so obvious but I am the only person in the house who even remotely seems to care. I hate being trapped in the house to begin with, but to have it not clean just aggravates me more. I'm almost healed and I think I can tackle the dusting at least, and if that goes well, I am deep cleaning my kitchen. The house just isn't looking the way it's supposed to and it embarrasses me. Everyone around me has either some sort of severe allergy attack or in my sister's case, bronchitis. So I handed them the costco size bottle of hand sanitizer and the lysol spray. I have been downing emergen-c. It's a great vitamin fizzy drink, and available now at most stores, like walmart, target, any drugstore. It is very effective in boosting your immune system and has warded off many colds. This one is no exception. I have had a very minor sore throat, while the rest of my family (too lazy to drink the emergen-c) coughs, hacks has major sinus pain/pressure and sore throats, I just hand them vicks vapor scented kleenex and offer them soup.
I haven't felt any inspiration lately. I've been focusing most of my attention towards preparing for the short term mission we are headed on in November. I am terrified of flying, so 20 hours on an airplane breathing in recycled air ought to be a blast. It's late. I'm finally feeling tired. Hope you have a great week. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, and I can't wait. We need rain badly, I just planted my tomatoes.



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