Nothing really super exciting going on around here at the moment. We are preparing to go to a meeting tonight regarding the mission trip to Thailand. My daughter has STAR testing all week. I'll be up at 6am to make her breakfast. She can't take a test without breakfast. What kind of mom would I be? She'll get blueberry/banana smoothie with a hint of vanilla soymilk, a dose of flax seed oil and organic brown rice fiber powder all jumbled with some crushed ice in the blender. They actually are pretty great tasting, regardless what fruit I use. I guess I'm not traditional with cereal or pancakes. Sometimes I think she wishes I was, but then, there would be nothing for her to complain about to her friends if I were perfect. I came across this picture in my archives and just wanted to post it, because it makes me smile. It's my little girl a couple years ago enjoying her visit with her 2 Auntie's in Canada. Feeding one of many horses they own on their ranch. It really makes me smile every time I see it. To you it's just a girl feeding a horse. To me, it's a masterpiece.



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