That's not an option

We took my hubby's new 2008 Chevy truck into the dealer to be checked out. It came with tons of options, but the one he thought was the coolest was turning the truck on from inside the house to warm up and on cold days, turn the heat on too. He couldn't figure out how to get the heater going, but the remote did turn the truck on. So I followed him up to the dealer and we spent the day together. We dropped his truck off and I let him drive my car. After my required dose of caffeine at Starbucks, we jumped on the freeway and I had no clue where we were headed. FUN!
He wanted to surprise me, and we ended up in Old Sacramento. He heard me mention months ago that I had never been there, and thought it would be more fun to walk around there, than drive around Stockton all day. YAY! We window shopped and walked by the river, and just took some time to breathe in the air and enjoy each other's company.
Then the dealership called and told my hubby that his truck didn't come with the remote heater turn on option. Hubby wanted it installed, and asked him to find out how much extra it would cost. The dealership called back and informed him it's not an option.



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