Are you kicking the couch?

Overheard in my house last night.............

Me: Do you feel that?

Daughter: No, feel what?

Me: Are you kicking the couch? It's moving.

My sister opens her door and starts franticly yelling: " Get in the doorway! Get in the doorway!"

Me: (laughing while getting up to go see why she is freaking out) Must have been an earthquake. Fun. It didn't break anything.

Sister: Put your hand right here (grabbing my hand). I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest. ( she is panting like she's just run a marathon)

Me: (still laughing while sister puts my hand on her chest) I can't feel anything.

Sister: (frantically checking for a pulse) Well I can feel it pounding out of my chest! I think we just had a big earthquake!

Me: I'm going to go upstairs and google it.



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