Broken arms and free gifts

I haven't been posting much lately. Not sure what that is all about. My Mom called me yesterday to say Hi. She was in the ER. Apparently her and my Dad were taking a walk 2 days ago and she fell. She braced herself with her arm and though it was bruised, she figured it would heal. Well, she lost the use of it and had to go get it checked out. She broke it. Not just a normal break, but she shoved the humerus bone into the shoulder and crushed it. She is in her 60's and her bones are brittle. I can't believe she went 2 days without any pain meds. Yesterday morning, she cleaned her house and did 4 loads of laundry, before going to the ER.
She didn't want us (my sister and I) to worry, so she didn't bother to mention falling, or the large black and blue bruise she had on her shoulder. She is the one who has been the caretaker of the family, elderly neighbors, church members who need help, she has a difficult time being the one taken care of. It feels unnatural to her. But she has to have surgery, can't lift, cook or clean, and those that have benefited from her nurturing have stepped up to return the favor. Meals are being provided for her indefinitely and someone will be coming to do the ironing and help with housecleaning. I'll be heading up there soon as well (6 hr drive away) to help take care of Dad while she has surgery and to take care of her when she gets home. She reluctantly is taking her pain meds, but she said she can't just sit on the couch all day and stare at all the things she should be getting done.
Another great Mom is Sue. She's giving away gifts at the end of the month. Go say hello to her here, and if you are one of the first five, you'll get a free gift too!


Fashion Paramedic said...

UGH! Geriatrics is NOT FUN. I dread the day that I have to do it, but I will not hesitate. I've had to care for my mom once when she had vertigo, and that included taking her to the bathroom, feeding, etc. I my prayers and well wishes are with you!


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