Happy Birthday Hubby

We spent a 3 day weekend in Reno. It was a lot of fun. Hubby turned 36 today, but I'm a year older and he never lets me forget it. I went shopping, while hubby played blackjack. Father in law was drunk most of the time we visited with him and decided to sign over his house, rv and suv to my husband. Long story, but the short version is that father in law is literally drinking himself to death and is sure he won't be here much longer. We believe him and think it is very sad to have nothing but keno and alcohol to get up for in the morning. Especially when you have so many people that love you despite all the crappy choices you made. Father in law has a giving heart, but can't put down the bottle.
So despite the sad state of my father in law, my hubby and I had a pretty great time. I spent time here and here. Hubby spent most of his time here. The beds are uncomfortable, but the service is excellent, and the food is pretty great.
So we rested yesterday, recovering from our mini vacation. Today was business as usual. He went to work, and I ran errands, chauffeured my daughter to and from school and cleaned up around the house. I also made my hubby's bday dinner. He wanted lasagna, and we all ate way too much of it.
This can't be interesting reading for anyone but me. But I am glad you stopped by for a visit. I'm feeling a rant coming on so check back soon. Maybe I'll tell you why I deleted my season pass of DR. Phil this season.


Fashion Paramedic said...

I found your blog by way of Wisconsin and have to say I think we have a lot in common. In fact, you look really familiar to me. Sacramento? Bishop Manogue? Anyhoo, the story reminded me of when I went to Cancun with my family, stayed at an all-inclusive (including alcohol) resort, and my father proceeded to make sure he got his money's worth--daily. Long story short, many of us didn't talk to him for quite a while. Our family could give Dr. Phil a run for his money!!


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