I have always been a pretty great speller, it is genetic I suppose because it has come easy for me. On my google homepage I have a daily word matchup game. They give you 10 words each day in two columns and you try to match up the left column with the right column. Today they had a word that I have never heard before and just love! Yep, it's FROWZY! OMG Is that not the best word? I really think it is fun to find a new word and incorporate it into my vocabulary. It is such a fun word to say, and you could totally tell someone they look frowzy and they will have no clue what you are talking about! How much fun is that!

Here is the formal definition from

frow·zy also frow·sy (frouz)

adj. frow·zi·er also frow·si·er, frow·zi·est also frow·si·est
1. Unkempt; slovenly: frowzy clothes; a frowzy professor.
2. Having an unpleasant smell; musty: a frowzy pantry.



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