Microwave Repairmen

OK, so it's not fun waiting for a repairman that may come sometime between 8am and 12 noon. I thought that was just a funny joke, and that companies tried harder now days to be more customer service oriented and realized that people get pissed when given a 4 hour window that they "may" show up between. Kitchenaid seems to think their time is more valuable than mine, so here I sit. I am trying to post a picture of what my really expensive microwave looks like so you can see what NOT to waste your money on. Sure, it is pretty to look at and has all the bells and whistles one would expect for $3000, but seriously.......... I have to pay the guy $75 bucks to change out the lightbulb in my damn microwave. Yes, the light bulb burnt out and the only way to see what the hell you are nuking is to pay the manufacturer to waste 4 hours of my busy day so that they can replace the light bulb for me. Apparently, if I try to do it myself I could be electricuted by the magnatron or some crap.

Here is a picture of my expensive microwave:



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