Am I crazy?

So, I have figured out that not many people are visiting my site. I am my most frequent visitor and that is OK. I am writing to make myself happy and it's working. But I do wish that more people would visit and try out my recipes, few as they may be at the moment.
Husband and I are off on another mini vacation tomorrow. This time Reno, and I already called and made the reservations. I love free things, and the room was comped. It is supposed to be a suite with a spa. We'll see, I expect a lot out of the casino's with regards to rooms and service. We usually drop a lot of cash when we go and so I expect more of them. The VIP host was great so far, so we'll see how well he does tomorrow, as I am soooo sore from doing yard work all week I need a massage and I'm not paying for it either!
I am cheap sometimes, but spoiled always. I spent way too many years eating top ramen not to appreciate a good lobster dinner now. We work really hard and get paid well for it, so there are times I like to splurge. Is that weird? I penny pinch at the grocery store, refuse to turn on the AC because I hate the $600 bill I get in the summer, yet will spend a crapload on makeup, clothes, purses, art and nice dinners. Maybe my priorities are screwed up. If someone visits me her on the web, leave me a comment. I'd love to know your take on my spending habits.
But keep in mind, I grew up POOR, very poor. So now that I am able to afford to be frivilous sometimes, yet still refuse to pay for high utility bills, and always buy what's on sale at the grocery store, am I crazy?



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