Anniversaries, shopping and Ross Matthews

It was our anniversary June 5th. We traditionally go to Monterey, and we went again this year. Our favorite restaurant closed a few years ago, so we have been searching for a new favorite with not much luck.
This year we stayed at Hotel Pacific and it was a great bargain at $219 per night. The rooms come standard with balconies, fireplaces, huge tiled tubs and separate tiled showers, wet bar and they even had a tv and phone in the bathroom. The best surprise was the in room complimentary shampoo and conditioner, which I find horrible at most hotels, was Aveda Rosemary Mint. My all time favorite shampoo brand. If you haven't tried their products, I recommend them all. They are pricy but worth it.
We went horsebackriding on the beach in Monterey through a company that takes you on private rides. We had the best time. I am a more experienced rider than my husband, so he and his horse were left in the dust numerous times while I rode off down the beach, smiling with glee. It was the best gift he's given me for an anniversary, hands down. I laughed at the pictures the guide took of us. It was clear who was having fun and who wasn't. His forced smile for the camera lets me know just how much the guy loves me. He endured almost two hours of discomfort for me to fulfill a dream I've had forever. I appreciate him more everyday we are together.
Because I love soup so much, I am including a plug for the best little bistro in Carmel. Of course, they have award winning soup too! Our waitress couldn't divulge the recipe, but if you love artichokes, as I do you are in for a treat! The artichoke soup is served daily and is completely vegetarian, so for those vegetarians out there, this is for you also! Be sure to visit or drop in for lunch if you happen to be in Carmel. The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and the ambiance was delightful. They are located on Lincoln between Ocean and 7th.
We spent way too much money again. I have a love of Thomas Kinkades artwork and we usually purchase at least one painting when we visit the area. This visit was no exception. I came home with 4 paintings, because I couldn't decide on one. We also shipped one to my parents for a suprise gift. The 2 cases of wine we purchased arrived today. Yeah!
We came home with the truck loaded down with gifts for my daughter and a few other favorite relatives. My sister held down the fort for us while we were away, and for her kindness, she received a wrecked car. She hit the curb at the church while picking up my daughter after youth group was over. I felt pretty bad for her, as she just mailed off her last car payment.
On a side note, my favorite celeb Ross Matthews just announced that he "may" be a guest host in July on the view. I couldn't be more excited if it was me hosting! If you don't know who he is, go visit his website at He is also on Celebrity Fit Club, and a correspondent for the Tonight Show. He is one of the few celebs I can say have class and grace. I have watched him in some really sticky situations handle himself with amazing class and dignity. Seriously, he stood by Dustin "screech" Diamond when the entire cast of Celebrity Fit Club walked off and Harvey Walden was going to tear Dustin apart. He deserves his own show, and would be great on the view, I think Barbara Walters should hire him.



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