My daughter isn't eating for 30 hours. She is raising money for charity. She organized the event this year. She has been laughing and smiling all day.
She is sleeping in a tent tonight in the backyard. She calls it a "hut". She is teaching kids her own age about the reality of life for kids in Africa. Disease and hunger are daily events for those kids.
My daughter will wake up tomorrow very hungry. But she won't eat until 4pm when her 30 hour famine is over. She is praying for the kids who wake up like that every day. She also knows prayer isn't enough and raised $400 to help feed them.

She has taken one more step closer to being an adult. She has learned that she isn't the center of the universe and that she is responsible to take the gifts and talents she has been given and use them to make our world a better place. No matter how large or small the contribution.



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