Yummy dessert and why I haven't posted for so long.

I actually enjoy blogging almost as much as I love cooking.

But what I love most on this earth is my little girl.

It's summer now, and I have been enjoying the last few months

of my daughter's childhood with her.

I will have more time on my hands to blog all I want soon enough.

For now, I just want to relax by the pool, giggle, shop and

get her packed up for college.

We went recycle shopping (trading in clothes for store credit to buy new clothes)

in Haight Ashbury, visited the Human Rights Campaign Store and even

took a 2 week trip to the college for class registration and financial aid without Dad.

I am proud of her that HALF of her college bill will be paid by academic scholarships.

I am so excited to see her taking her first steps as an adult.

It's kind of like when they first learn to walk.

They let go of the coffee table and you walk behind them with both arms

poised to catch them if they fall. They are so focused on trying to walk

they don't notice you are there behind them ready to catch them if they fall.

That's me right now. I'm amazed at how she has started out.

Cautious, but with just the right amount of confidence.

She went alone to the registration office.

She had clearly made wise choices in the meeting

(I tried to appear calm while drinking a vanilla latte,

because I was not allowed to help her with registration)

which she had clearly thought through.

I am going to miss her here. I will miss her mumbling under her breath

as she heads off to clean her room or wash some dishes.

I have been doing some cookin' in the kitchen and backyard grill,

I just haven't wanted to take away from spending time with her.

We leave the day after her 18th birthday. She will only be an adult for

3 days when we leave her at school.

Take this advice from me. Enjoy your time with your kids. Ignore the phone calls,

the dirty laundry, all of it. DON'T BLINK. If you do, they will have grown up

and your entire relationship with them will have to be redefined.

Last night we made JOY THE BAKER'S giant vanilla bean sugar cookies.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I love her blog and recipes?

If by chance you read this Joy, know I am very fond of you.)

topped them with fresh sliced peaches from the local farmer's market and

put a yummy blob of homemade whipped cream on top. YUM.

Don't let the crappy photo I took affect your decision to try this at home.

We sat there at 11pm, enjoying our creation and the fact that the rest of the

people in our house were completely unaware of the goodies we had just made.

It was our secret and we didn't want to share it with anyone, at least until



Scout's Honor said...

ohhh, you are making me miss my kids when they are still bored, annoying each other, and at each other's throat from summer swim break. It's days like these that make me wish they were in college already...then you bring me back. Sniffle.


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