Go buy a shirt and a bag..............

My daughter designed a logo and created a store at cafepress.

Each year her school district spends THOUSANDS of dollars on dead

cats, frogs, etc. for science labs in the junior high and high school.

Her passion for science is equaled by her passion for animals.

She drew her bunny Boo Boo and came up with the idea of selling shirts

and bags to completely fund her school district's science departments

with 3D computer dissection software and high quality plastic models, thus

ending the need to purchase dead kitties and frogs each year.

100 % of the profits will go directly to her school.

She is using this campaign to also apply for a college scholarship

which inspires the applicant to DO SOMETHING positive in his/her community.

With the high tech supplies her school would no longer need to waste

THOUSANDS of dollars on dead animals and can put that

extra money to use to fund other academic programs.

She has several shirt choices for both men and women(including plus sizes)

there is also a really cute tote bag!

I want her to be successful. So I'm going to give away 1 tote bag to a lucky

visitor to my site. Here's the rules:

1. One entry per person
2. You must go to her website, pick a favorite, then post your comments here.
3. Contest ends at midnight on February 28th.
4. For every 100 people who enter, there will be an additional name drawn(100 names =1 bag/winner, 200 names= 2 bags/2 winners). So the more people who enter, the more bags I give away!!!! Go tell all your friends, enemies, neighbors, co workers, etc.


Navita said...

Your girl is a responsible soul and even I am proud of her! Do let her know she has our support.

It speaks of how well you've brought her up! Kudos Diva. :)

Navita said...

Hey Diva, went to her website but there was no place to leave a comment there. :(

In any case I am sure you will pass on my pat on her back :D

and I liked the Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt in Black, Small size.


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