Back to business

I'm back to posting soup recipes

Tomorrow enjoy my version of Minestrone

This traditionally vegetarian dish is so full

of flavor you won't miss any meat.

It's also healthy, so if you are paying more attention

to your waistline, as I am, you have permission to

indulge a little.

Normally I would serve with some hot and crusty french bread,

but I am foregoing the bread due to my lower calorie diet.

This soup is great as a main course, served with any salad and some

fresh Parmesan cheese, even picky eaters should enjoy this.

I'm serving it for dinner tonight, so pictures and the recipe will

be posted tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying your Valentines Day. We are kind of low key here.

Hubby and I chose Thursday night to celebrate, to avoid the crowds. I owe

another blogger a HUGE thank you for making our breakfast the best!!!!!!!


I made her Carrot Cake pancakes for everyone this morning, and they were AMAZING!

Her talent and creativity combined with a really professional

and entertaining presentation make her one of my favorite blogs to read.

It's not going to help me lose weight if I continue to use her recipes, but for

now I read and dream of the day I can enjoy a bite of her fantastic creations.

Go check her out, she's awesome!

My daughter's fundraiser is growing quickly and I'll post the link to her achievement award from PETA at the end of the month. They'll also be featuring her shirts for their Friday giveaway!

I'm still a mom, so I'm posting the link to her cafepress store again.


See ya back here tomorrow for Sunday Soup!



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