It's all my fault

When I went to get into my car today

I noticed the driver's side door ajar.

I had a gut feeling I knew what was next.

Yup. Dead battery.

Feeling like a giant dork,

I borrowed the neighbor's car

then called and confessed my mishap

to my husband. I thought for sure

he would be mad. This isn't the first time

I've drained a car battery.

I used to drive a Pontiac Grand Am

that required the driver to remember

to turn the headlights off.

I would forget and by the end of the work day,

my battery had died.

I think we were both grateful when our next car

had an automatic shut off for the headlights,

and it was impossible to lock keys in the car

because you had to have the remote to lock it.

YAY! They really do make cars for dingbats

like me!



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