Fattimand and holiday traditions

I spent 5 hours today making Christmas cookies.

Not a complaint. Simply stating fact.

A very old family tradition.

Passed from my Grandma to me.

Passed from her Grandma to her.

Comfort food they made after immigrating from Norway.

My sister is free from the ER and still has an appendix.

My feet are REALLY sore and I'm only half way done

with the cookies. 8 separate batches. 4 down, 4 to go.

Our holiday traditions are always attending a candlelight communion service

Christmas eve. Then coming home and snacking on fattening food, drinking coffee

spiked with Bailey's and opening gifts.

The fattimand christmas cookies I have made since 2000, the official keeper of the

longest running tradition on the Frogner family tree.

Our newest tradition is a gift from Buddy the Elf in our Christmas socks. Something

wacky, last year I ordered lots of fun things from the official SPAM museum.

They make an assortment of items. Fly swatters, coin banks, pens, etc.

This year I can't tell yet, in case my relatives find my blog.

So those are some of my traditions. What are some of yours? Please comment, I

love this time of year and hearing all the fun things other families do.

I will post my chili recipe as soon as I get the Christmas cards mailed.

Hopefully BEFORE Christmas! I am running out of time!


No_Newz said...

It seems all of our traditions keep changing as the kids get older. My favorite thing is going out to cut our tree down.

Merry Christmas!!

JaHeRoAdmirer said...

Fattigman - You mean mine isn't the only family who still makes these? Wow, that's exciting news! :-)


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