How do YOU handle opening a gift from someone you care about

and realizing as you rip open the paper that you don't know

what the hell the gift does?

We've all experienced a moment or two like that.

Luckily for me, this year the person giving me the gift was

only on the telephone rather than in the room seeing my

expression as I desperately tried to figure out what the hell

it was to say thank you for receiving!

My parents live in a small town, that frankly has no access to

any real shopping outside of Rite Aid and Longs.

They mostly shop infomercials on the tele.

Yes, I received an exciting sort of dumpling making machine

that Paula Deen used on a commercial/show/I'm just not sure.

It kind of resembles the shape of a turnover, yet makes some

sort of meat dumplings.

Last year hubby received the most wonderful assortment of really

authentic looking medieval sword pens. Yes. His Mom

really thought he would enjoy using them at work.

I guess considering he is in law enforcement, having a plastic sword/pen

in an interrogation room might be handy. He could challenge them to a duel

of some sort.

Some of the things we get we are just too embarrassed to regift. The pens

went straight to the thrift store. I am not sure what I'll do yet with my dumplin'

maker. I'll try recipe or two, and see if it's worth keeping.

We had a lovely Christmas day. Lot's of food, a few naps and almost everyone

was able to relax and just enjoy the day.

I say almost, because I did all the prep, cooking and cleanup. I prefer not having

guests wash my china. I don't want the awkwardness of someone accidentally

chipping or breaking a piece and feeling badly, so I do it myself.

It was void of grumpiness and bad attitudes all day long. It was almost like

I was at someone else's house!

Hope your holiday celebrations were as wonderful as ours! Have a great New Year

and I'll see ya in 2009!



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