I'm back in California, via Hong Kong, Sinagapore, and 3 stops in Thailand.

It's after 1am here. I heard via a blog message that someone passed away while I was gone. I have never met them in person, just via the internet. Makes coming home eager to share my amazing trip less important tonight. I have many pictures, but I think most I will only find interesting, although, I will share my experience in Phuket, snorkeling at the Similan Islands and how much I realized it reminds me of dental xrays. More fun news before Thanksgiving. I had asked that my mail be kept from my daughter, as her acceptance letter to college would be arriving before us. And I was correct. She not only was accepted to college, but she also has almost a full academic scholarship. Yes, we are the parents who struggled to get through our own college educations, and decided that earning it was much more rewarding than being handed one. She earned her's. She will be the first in our family with a PHD. I made her wait to open the letter. It was just



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