Home safely, and grateful we had an early flight out of Bangkok!

We arrived back in California Sunday night. I'm having some serious jet lag. Thailand is 15 hours ahead of California, so our nights and days are out of whack. I ache all over, we worked very long hours, with little down time and it has caught up. I am thankful that my Mom has graciously accepted my invitation to be here to do the traditional dinner and also take care of meals, laundry, ironing, etc. so that we can just readjust to life here.
Bangkok airport was taken over by protesters, just a few hours after our plane left for Singapore. If we had a later flight, we'd be stuck in Bangkok. We spent time in Phuket, which is both a testament to the human spirit to rebuild their lives despite the massive loss of life and property that they lived through. They are warm, welcoming people, and I can't wait to go back. I have tons of video footage, I'm also including the video we made while their. The picture is of our hotel in Phuket our first night in Thailand. Beautiful and elegant. We were welcomed to our room by a baby gecko about 1 inch long. I'll share more stories later. I'm just too tired. The video speaks for itself.



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