Jai Roon

Preparing for the mission trip,

I have been studying Thai culture.

They consider it bad to yell anywhere.

(Jai Roon means "hot heart" in Thai.)

But it is extra bad if done in anger and never at home.

K met the foreign exchange student his first day at school.

She said hello to him in Thai

and he has been her friend ever since.

He is a sweet kid. Very kind, quiet and respectful.

I wish all teenagers had his kindness.

He has been confiding in K that his host mom

is a bit mean. OK, she's a royal bitch to him.

But he would never call her that.

She clearly was in it for the monthly check.

She is either yelling at him or giving him the silent treatment.

He speaks english, although somewhat broken.

He told K he felt like he was dying on the inside.

He needs a new host family.

I have met the current host mom, she was clearly trying to

act like she was a caring and loving host mom.

But it was transparent then, before I knew what happened

when strangers were not around.

She apparently thought it would be easy money.

She didn't realize HE'S a HUMAN BEING.


He has enough on his plate just trying to keep up at school.

I spoke with the director of the program that brought him here.

They have a new family lined up, but paperwork takes a few weeks.

So for this weekend, he will be with us.

Everyone needs a soft place to fall at the end of the day.

Here he can eat freely, go swimming, let his guard down,

play the wii and get his homework done.

I have to take him back to the bad family

on Sunday after youth group is over.

At least he gets today and tomorrow to just breathe.



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