Disfunctional family and wishing I had a 6th bedroom...

We are driving 4 hours each way

to visit with extended family.

Aunts, Uncles, cousins.

Haven't seen since Grandma died 5 yrs ago.

Guess it's good no one died this time

it's just a bbq.

They all have quirks.

Some are democrats, some republicans.

Some are angry hippies,

and some are devout christians.

A couple are alcoholics

and one is a closet gay.

4 chainsmoke,

2 are gambling addicts but one of them won a car,

so I hope that means they at least broke even.

One cousin had a baby with her stepbrother.

So their daughter only has one set of grandparents.

They refuse to get married.

Don't ask. Long story.

I had to give back the Thai foreign exchange student.

They found him a new family.

I'm blaming pms for my tears.

But I really really liked the feeling of

having more than just one child in the house.

I am still wanting a large family.

It gets to me sometimes.

In the quietness of the day.

4 miscarriages, lots of tears.

I really wanted a large family,

with lots of dirty little fingers to wash

noses to wipe and finger painted art on my fridge.

I have loved being a mom for the last 17 years.

I didn't want her to be an only child.

I am grateful. Some never conceive.

I appreciate fully the blessing

of being a mom.

Enjoy the picture from Art's first night in our home.

My daughter is on the right.

The girl in the middle is their friend from school.

He gave me a gift before he left.

One of the best gifts I have ever received.

I'll share the gift and the note he wrote us with you later on this weekend.



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