I stepped in bird crap and I'm a bitch

At my mother in law's apartment(which is in my house),

she is lonely(by choice) and needs her birds for companionship.

But she is not the greatest housekeeper

and today I stepped in bird crap.


I walked around with it

on the bottom of my foot

for over an hour

until my daughter says,

"EW GROSS! What is on that on your foot?"

yeah, I started gagging.

How do you tell a lonely depressed person

they are a really shitty housekeeper

and they need to clean up the bird crap

or the birds will not be out of the cage?

I am trying not to be heartless,

but there is bird crap all over my mother in law suite.

Expensive cabinets, floors and appliances,

coated with bird crap.

It's disgusting and has to be addressed.

She doesn't want to get out of her chair.

She fired her counselor

and won't try to interact with anyone but us.

I try to be patient, but it's wearing thinner by the day.

I feel like I am having to drag her through her life.

Does that make sense?

She is too heavy for me to carry any longer.

I need her to start taking her own steps.

I want my life to be centered on my family and my goals and dreams.

Not continually putting our lives on hold so we can coddle

someone who is choosing to stay stuck in an emotional coma.

I feel like a bitch because I have days where I resent her, A LOT.

I want our lives back. She is not trying. I'm tired of carrying her.

The resentful days are becoming more frequent.

I am frustrated. She refuses to drive herself anywhere except

Kmart and to the grocery store.

I spend at least 20 hrs a week driving her to dr appointments.

I want to go get a job just to get the hell out of the house

and have a reason why I can't take her anymore.

I feel like I am being used and manipulated

and it's really starting to piss me off.



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