Dear blog buddies...........

Please, I need original recipes to put over at I am completely redesigning my website and focusing on soup, from around the globe and our relationship with it. It is looking like mid April roll out date, but I am in need of LOTS of recipes. They do need to be ORIGINAL. By that, I mean something your grandma passed down to you, not something you flipped through the cookbook to find. I would love any stories that you have associated with the recipe as well. You can also submit more than one recipe. Just post them into any comment section here on my blog and I'll get them ready for the new site.
I had no idea what a huge undertaking this all has been. I have to prepare each recipe and include a picture with it. Also working out all the bugs in the new format is challenging. Thank goodness my hubby is such a wiz at this stuff.

Please share your recipes......... I really want the new site to be fun and informative, and above all, easy to navigate through.

So share away blog buddies.. I need your recipes!!


Jessica Gottlieb said...

I'm on it.

I did this for Rosie

And I'll get my mom to give you hers for Noodle Kugel.

Everyone needs a little Jewish Mother in their recipe book.



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