Answer to prayer

The coroner confirmed that the body that was found on the 11th is my father in law. Not the outcome we wanted, but still an answer to prayer. Now my mother in law and his family can have closure and there won't be the awful process of waiting for a death certificate.
Services are on Saturday at Pillar Point Harbor. We are expecting a large crowd, as the fishing community is close knit and he was very much loved by family and many friends. We will be laying flowers in the empty boat slip where the Good Guys should be.
Still waiting to find his crew member, their family is going through the same pain as ours and my heart aches for them also. They are still waiting to find their loved one and bring him home.
My hubby is trying to hold it together, but the stress on him is taking it's toll. He is still snappy with me at times, but at other times he lets me know how much he loves me and appreciates my taking care of his mom. I know he loves me, the stress on both of us to keep his mother safe and reasonably sane is immense. My hubby can't deal with his grief yet, he has to be strong for his mom and has the task of making the arrangements for the funeral as well as handling all the estate issues, since his mom is in no condition to handle it herself. My father in law's two sisters have been a blessing and have been wonderful during this entire ordeal. They are grieving as well and we wouldn't have been able to get through this without them.
I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I haven't felt this awful at the holidays since 1989 when my grandfather passed away.

Thanks for the hugs and prayers Sue, I greatly appreciate them.



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