So much fun, so little time..........

Hubby and I are taking our daughter to San Francisco tomorrow for a belated bday present. She will be shopping till we all drop at Union Square tomorrow. They have all my favorite stores. I'll be hanging out at Sephora and Lush. To top our day off, we are dining at Millenium. I am ecstatic about this, because I don't have to stare blankly at a 4-5 page menu wondering what I can order without meat in it, while my husband has his choice of anything on the menu. Tomorrow night, I can order from anywhere on their menu. Yes folks, there are 100% vegan. Upscale vegan to be exact. The website is and I can't wait to eat there.
There are parts of the city I don't love. I don't love that the elevators at the BART station smell like urine. Not just a little bit of urine, but like urine that has been building up for years. The stench is unimaginably strong. I also don't like some of the crazy street performers. Some of them look like escaped mental patients and I am always afraid to make eye contact or let them notice I am watching their "show" because I would feel pressure to give them money. I don't give them money for the same reason I don't give any homeless people money. I don't believe they will use it to better themselves. I don't want to support their drug or alcohol habits. I don't want to contribute to their self destruction. I DO give to food banks and homeless shelters though. I did buy a homeless guy Burger King once though. It was obvious he really was hungry and didn't look like a drug user. When I told him I couldn't give him cash, but if he followed me to BK on the corner, I'd buy him lunch. He was clearly grateful, and took me up on my offer.
Why I am rambling about street performers and smelly elevators I have no idea. I'm going shopping in the city. It will be fun and I'm looking forward to dinner. My first vegan restaurant.
Besides it was 105 here today and going to be just as hot tomorrow. I need to get away from this insane heat wave and cool off!



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