Shopped till I almost dropped

We did spend our day at Union Square in San Francisco. It was as fun and tiring as I thought. My daughter wanted to shop at Juicy, but my hubby needed to use the restroom REALLY bad. So while my daughter and I were checking out the clothes, he asked if he could use the restroom. They told him they didn't have a public restroom. The problem with that is that he could see the sign on the bathroom door from where he was standing. He said they are snobby and rude and we needed to leave immediately. He wasn't spending his money in a store that was unwilling to let him use their "non public" bathroom. My daughter's face fell, she had only been in the store 5 minutes. We walked out. Later he told me he felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. He said if the store new how much money he had and was willing to spend they would have gladly let him use it. He is still ranting about it. So we went to Abercrombie and Anthropologie instead. Abercrombie had a comfy leather chair for him to relax in while he listened to his computer geek podcasts on his IPOD. The only complaint he had at that store was that one of the female employees was constantly spraying the area with cologne.
Other than his meltdown at Juicy, most of the day went off without a hitch. We had an amazing dinner at Millenium and even if you aren't vegan, do make a reservation there, you won't regret it. They had an amazing wine list also.
There were as I anticipated, many street people. Among them, a panhandler with a blue baseball hat that said "security" on it, right as you exit the BART station. He was mostly friendly and engaging as he asked for change. He received none from us, but didn't get rude about it. There was a guy smoking a joint in an alley as we were walking back to Union Square from dinner and a few street people in a heated argument over the ownership of a cigarette lighter. Other than that, it was a fun trip.



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