I spent a few hours at the emergency room last night. They confirmed I am having a miscarriage. I was hysterical for a while. Inconsolable. I am heartbroken. This is the 4th in a row. I am blessed with one very beautiful and healthy daughter. But there has been no explanation why I cannot carry a pregnancy to term the last few times. I will see my ob/gyn next week, maybe he can figure out what is wrong this time.
I am having a really bad week.


I see the DR first thing in the morning. Feels like my guts are falling out. Actually, it feels mostly like I am in early stages of labor. I even get the fun of back labor, without the joy of a new baby at the end. I am not hysterically crying now, but still working through the grief. There is hope and light at the end of this. But I reserve the right to extend my pity party until the contractions and need for maxi pads is over.


Grateful Mom of 1 said...

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Sue Doe said...

I really don't believe in pity parties but darlin' this is the moment because if you don't feel the sadness now it'll just creep up on you later.

I'm glad that you're blessed by being a mother already.

Later on it will take the sting off


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