Why I haven't posted in so long............

I apologize for not keeping up with my soup blogs.

I have been very sick for quite a while,

and it looks like that is going to continue for another month or so.

I love fall, the leaves transforming into beautiful hues of color.

It's time for warm pots of soup, stews and comfort food that warms us

from the inside out.

I'll be posting a new fall pumpkin soup recipe in a few days, so check back.

Also, I have a yummy beef barley soup I promise you will love.

I am going to deviate from soups and share my veggie noodle casserole,

which is my daughter's favorite. If you aren't a vegetarian, feel free to

add some chicken to the dish. I'm hoping it will be kid friendly and you

won't get any crinkled noses or ewww gross, when you dish up their plates.

Come back and visit, I'll be busy cooking this next week and post as many recipes

as I can before I have surgery on the 18th.

I don't want to go into too much detail, as this is a food blog and my physical

problems aren't food friendly. I'll just say that when I wake up from surgery,

I will be in full menopause. It's a little more complicated, and I may or may not

need extra medical care following it, but I'm not borrowing trouble.

I'm just going to deal with each step, one at a time.

Tonight is meatloaf, I will post it, even though it's really not soup at all.

My hubby loves this recipe, and I make my own bread crumbs,

which is part of the recipe. I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow morning.

My immune system is working overtime, so I tire easily.

Thanks for being patient.


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