Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and I thought I'd celebrate

by posting a pic of my mom in her saucy

Old Navy clothes from last year.

Isn't she cute?

Growing up in a home full of love but low on money,

Mom gave up any idea of eyebrow waxing, pedicures

or even a pair of undies without holes.

It brings me a lot of pleasure to treat her to simple luxuries she

had to deny herself to make ends meet.

So now when she visits, she is treated to new outfits, always a pedicure

and lunch at her fave Olive Garden.

She was so frugal her underwear had the biggest tears in them I have

ever witnessed. We used to tease her, but now I realize she went

without so that we could afford to go out to pizza once in a while or a movie.

She sacrificed for her kids. I love her more knowing the extent of it. I was blind

to it as a kid.

Without her, I wouldn't have known that being a mom is not a popularity contest.

I learned that I can't be my child's friend, because it contradicts my job as parent.

I learned that I was an obnoxious, arrogant know it all during my teen years,

and my mom still loved me anyway. (sorry mom)

I learned that no matter what, family comes first.

So here's to you mom, I tip my giant martini glass to you and hope you have a fantastic day!



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