Freaking out/packing for Thailand

To say I am freaking out on the inside would be a mild description.

I can't get all of the what if's out of my mind.

I am up past 2am now each night going over trip details

and trying to remember if I wrote out instructions for every possible scenario.

I keep asking myself if I was completely insane when I signed up for this.

I hate flying. It gives me huge panic attacks which require me to be very medicated.

I get insomnia for a week just for an in country flight.

I will be changing planes 4, yes 4 times and the entire trip will take over 26 hrs.

What in the hell was I thinking?

I might die of an overdose of xanax before I even get to Thailand.

I am having to force myself to stay calm on the outside.

I always over pack. I hate the feeling of wishing I had packed an outfit

that was home in my closet.

We went to Target and bought lots of emergency supplies. Mostly toilet paper

and hand sanitizer.

I will not be back until the 23rd, so there will be no posts

from me until at least the 24th.

Keep our team in your prayers and I'll post lots of fun stuff when I get home!


No_Newz said...

Well, you'll be home soon. I hope you had a safe and fun trip. We got some bad news the other day. ANT's partner Richard passed away. ANT will be having a live chat memorial service at 11 PST on the 23rd. I hat to leave bad news in a comment here. I just wanted you to not be blindsided when you got over to the colony.

I thought of you yesterday. Our teen center had its annual "Super Soup Supper" fund-raiser. I made the biggest pots of potato soup you ever saw. My hands are still sore from peeling. We had a good turnout, so that made it all worth it in the end.

See you soon!


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