Thailand missions trip donations

We are leaving November 6th. We still have to raise $1500.oo and there are others on our team that haven't met their funding goal either. You can scroll through my blog and find previous posts where I mention the important work we do there. I am attaching a link to our church website, so if you can afford to send a donation, even if all you can spare is a dollar it is greatly appreciated and I promise it goes to good use there. Our money is worth 3 times more than theirs, so every dollar sent is like sending 3! Please pray for our team as we prepare to go and pray for the Thai people, that they will find not only physical nourishment, but also spiritual.

Have a blessed Day!

To send a donation please mail it to and make checks payable to:

River Oak Grace
7712 Rodden Road, Oakdale, CA 95361

attention: Thailand mission team

The link to our church is HERE



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