A little late.......... but let me explain

I did say I would post some pics from the Van's warped tour

that my daughter took, but hubby has been non stop at work,

and I am not computer literate enough to pull the pics off her cell

phone and post them.

The REI farting story is a little gross,

but pretty typical of most men in stores.

We had spent our entire day wandering about San Fran,

enjoying the ocean breeze, people watching,

eating great food and doing a bit of shopping.

About 6pm we decided to mosey on over to the concert

and see a huge REI store.

With stars in our eyes and credit cards in hand,

we shopped for clothing to wear on the trip to Thailand.

I am a mosquito magnet, so shirts that repel the damn things

are worth the $60 price tag.

They carry bug repellant, spf, quick drying clothes,

I was ecstatic.

My husband had been shopping in the men's dept,

and came to find me over in women's.

He quietly released the most foul smelling fart I have

ever had the misfortune of smelling.

At first, he warned me that he just farted and started to walk away.

The aroma hadn't drifted towards me yet,

so I was still browsing through the sale rack when it hit me.

It smelled like death. Like something had died and was rotting.

I can't believe that smell came from a live human body.

I looked around and thankfully, no other customers

were nearby, so I gave up on the sale rack

and went to the shoe dept where the air was cleaner.

I try not to be too hard on the guy.

He really can't help it.

But it was a doozy.

We learned at checkout that REI is kinda like Costco.

For $20 you can join,

get discounts, entrance to secret sale items

and 10 % back on all your purchases.

Yes, for $20, they will now send us a check for $80,

on a bunch of clothes we would have bought anyway.

They also have a fabulous return policy,

which is why they end up having deeply discounted special sales

to members.

They have tons of outdoor stuff.

I was pretty impressed with the selection and quality of the brands.

The most important factor for me in a store is

how well the staff are trained in their dept and how easy

I am able to locate one when I have questions.

REI passed the test for me in every dept I went to.

Thanks REI.



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