Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?

We all know who the "other" Hilton is.........

I'm not referring to Paris or Nikki. It's Perez Hilton ,

he mostly makes fun of celebs and has created quite a fan base of his own.

I have to admit I've been a visitor to his website a few times.

He has his own take on celebrities, and at times it's raunchy

but some of it is just plain funny and certain celebs (Andy Dick for example) deserve the mocking

they bring upon themselves by acting like idiots for all the world to see.

He has been posting about a young girl on his blog.

She is a minor, and her parents gave her a webcam, computer and internet access.

A recipe for disaster.

Her parents did not monitor her use of the webcam

nor did they pay enough attention to the websites she

frequented and what she was doing on youtube.

She wants to have friends and enjoys singing and dancing.

What I have the hugest problem with is not whether Perez

or anyone else in the blogosphere thinks she is talented or not.

I don't want to debate the motives behind telling this child

that she has the potential to get a record deal by flashing her

boobs in a video and posting it for millions to view.

Here's where I get pissed off..................................

Her parents have a responsibility to her to make sure she is

using the computer in a responsible manner.

They are responsible for her safety, and should have monitored her

use of the computer to make sure her myspace was set to private,

her real name, age and location were not public, etc.

There is absolutely NO reason any teen needs a webcam.

Her parents were really clueless until the "boob" video appeared?

Why weren't they checking her computer?

What the hell were they thinking giving her BACK the webcam

after the "boob" video incident.

She has a public myspace and youtube page.

She has disclosed to the entire world her name, age, location, etc.

Through her parents neglect of their responsibilities,

they have allowed their daughter to divulge enough personal info

that if a pedophile wanted to, they could just come and pick her up.

I am angry that her parents gave her back internet access, the webcam, etc.

after they and her school became aware of her "boob" video.

Those who tell her to "follow her dreams" and "her talent and singing inspires them"

are either tone deaf themselves or just lying to this poor girl to get her to make

more videos so they can laugh at her behind her back.

Maybe, Perez Hilton is sincere, and really does think it's sweet

that she is brave enough to sing and dance and put it out there for the world.

Maybe........ Perez just wants to exploit her, because she is of the same caliber

as William Hung or Kevin from season 1 of American Idol.

Remember Kevin? He sang "Like a Virgin".

While it may be entertaining to the 17, 000 people who have

befriended this girl on myspace,

I am flabbergasted that her parents haven't got a freakin clue

that their teenage daughter has literally put a giant

target on herself that could get her kidnapped

by a crazy child molester.

Am I just being paranoid?

She seems to me to have some form of developmental disability. ******UPDATE***** NOTE: I originally used the term mental handicap( I don't know the PC way to say it)I was emailed the CORRECT terminology by "anonymous" thanks for correcting me (even if you were too shy to leave your real name. My intent was not to be insensitive, just admitting I was unschooled in the wording.),

but I'm not 100% certain.

I am not going to post a link to her you tube page to prove my point.

Just type in Kristina Chen into google or you tube.

You'll see why I'm so pissed off at her stupid parents.

You going to give YOUR teen a webcam?

More and more employers are googling prospective employees.

Teens by nature cannot predict the consequences of their actions.

In 1o years, when your children are out of college and applying for jobs,

their future employers will google them.

What will they see?

It has cost more than one beauty queen her title.

It may even cost your child their dream job.

Don't we owe it to our kids to protect them from themselves?

Isn't that why we make them wear their bike helmet?

Why we tell them not to talk to strangers?

Shouldn't the don't talk to strangers rule apply to kids on the web too?

Just for a side note. I don't want to debate whether or not she is star material or how well you

think she can sing and dance. I DO want to discuss parental responsibility to their children's

safety on the internet. I welcome your comments.

I have had to start moderating comments, due to a crazy person who posted here a while back.

I won't say who, they know who they are.



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