Surgery, pedicures and website makeover

I am having surgery next week and won't be able to blog or post for a few days. This saturday I will be getting my last pedicure for a while. I can't have knee surgery with my toes looking shabby during surgery. Does that make me vain or just weird? I can't be the only woman getting an operation that feels it necessary to have perfect feet. But when I get home from hospital, I will have so much time on my hands that I will be posting many new recipe creations. Keep your eyes out for my fartless chili recipe. I tried out my new recipe on my family and it was a big hit. It needs a little fine tuning before I post it though. The chili will be meat optional and contains adzuki beans which are fabulous. Also, I am going to be revamping the website so that recipes will be easy to print in different size formats and will include photo's of the finished dish. I want the site to look more professional. Hubby is quite good at this kind of stuff, and hasn't really been too supportive of my online blogging, but I have persuaded him to help me make it more professional and user friendly. My big wish is to create my own little cookbook someday with tons of great recipes and ways to get the kids involved in the process.


Janine said...

Glad to hear your surgery went well. Hope all is good with you! xo,
Janine the Queen of Bellevue!

Fashion Paramedic said...

Diva!! I didn't realize you'd started posting again! It's so good to "hear your voice." (If that makes sense.) And no, you're not weird. My esthetician once told me that one of her clients came in and had a brazilian done three hours before she went into labor, which makes getting your toes done before surgery sound like taking a shower. I hope you are doing well, and I can't wait to see the recipes you post. Let me know if you need anything! Fashion Paramedic


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