Hi there! I am just getting this site going. I have so many entries to include I admit I am feeling just a little overwhelmed. Over the course of the next week I will be posting recipes for your dining pleasure as well as my thoughts on life, politics, marriage or whatever is burning to come out. I tend to be opinionated and make no apologies now for them. I will let you know they are not always politically correct and I am mostly a conservative. I have never owned a blog before, so your patience is greatly appreciated. This cyber world is so new to me. I enjoy reading other blogs and will be posting links to them in the near future. They are an eclectic mix of brilliance and they inspire me.


unschooler said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog School of Thought. Homeschool is fab isn't it?

I love your blog mantra. You need a more colorful blog template though (if you don't mind me saying) -- it sounds like you'll be ranting with the best of them...I'll be peeking in to see what's up.

Blog on.

P.S. The cabbage soup diet isn't so bad....on day 1. :)


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